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play casino war game

To play the game, players must make the player-against-dealer wager. After all players have their bets in their own wagering circles, the dealer will deliver a single card to each player and one to themselves. High card wins, so all you have to do to win is beat the dealer! If you card is higher than the dealer, you win. If your card is lower than the dealer you lose. If your cards tie, such as a 6 verses a 6, or a Jack verses a Jack, you have the option to go to WAR.

If you go to WAR, you double your original wager and the dealer will match this second bet leaving 3 units on the layout. The dealer will burn three cards and deliver one more to the player before burning three additional cards and delivering the final card to themselves. If the cards tie again, the player still gets to keep the 3 units. This game has a house edge of 2. As a special bonus at many online casinos, when the WAR cards are also a tie, the dealer will pay a 4th unit to the player.

This extra bonus reduces the website casino edge to just 2. Of all games in the casino, Casino War offers little in the way of usable strategies unlike Poker or Blackjack for example. One of the biggest points for contention is the tie bet. Not really a strategy as such but more food for thought, you should know the house advantage sits at around 2. Remember, in the case of casino games that do not offer a definitive strategy, the first you should look to do is to conserve your bankroll as much as possible and play safe.

Why lament over your usual card game and routine and try something that has a greater win return. Around for a long time and played by all ages outside the casino, the game covers many people and generations so who takes it further to win money by playing at an online casino? All will be revealed inside our article on the mould of the Casino War player. So there you have it a taste of this Las Vegas battle head through each link and touch on more war casino articles about the specific topics.

After which you can go to our top 10 list and read the casino reviews of the gambling sites we recommend for Casino War games, if you happen to like the free games you can play.

The format of the game is then repeated. This is because the games are incredibly enjoyable, plus they both also offer fantastic bonuses. The house does have an advantage when playing Casino War, but only a small one. The house edge is between 2. Of course, some make a profit though, while others lose more.

The most that can be won on a hand is 1: In the event that the player and dealer go to war, the initial bet will be classed as a push if the player ends up winning — only the final bet gets paid at 1: Casino War is almost entirely down to luck, so there are no real strategies to use.

The only real thing to remember is that you should never surrender, as this will increase the house edge and therefore lead to you losing more money in the long run. Mobile Casino War is available at many casinos, and it is played by a large number of people.

Designed to be a truly accessible table game that anyone can enjoy, Casino War involves placing a bet on whether you'll get a card that's higher or lower than the dealer. It makes for some truly fast and furious action, especially if you play multiple hands at once.

You'll find the game at most online casinos, but we've listed a few of what we believe are the best places to try it.

Home Games Casino War. On this page, Casino War players can: The only real issue is that it can take a while for withdrawals. Grasping The Basic Strategy Forget about learning different hands or complicated strategies, at a casino online, Casino War is as basic as it comes. Access the Best Welcome Bonuses in Online Casino War is a simple and fun game that can seriously boost your bankroll.

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