How do you fix a DS game card that won't play on your DS?

If you carry the games around loose as I sometimes do the contacts can get dirty, and one or more may fail to make contact. Now whenever I put the game chip in, it doesn't work. I have a ds game that won't save what should I do? Is something wrong with our DS's? I can't believe it!!! Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2.

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If your cartridge was dirty and the DS wasn't reading it, that should fix it. If it doesn't, go to the next step. Test the game cartridge on another DS system. If the other system can read it but your system can't, then your DS cartridge slot is either still dirty or your DS is having trouble reading cartridges.

Give yourself the gift of time. Don't go throwing away your cartridge if you know that it works on a different DS than yours. I've had good luck cleaning Nintendo DS game cards with pencil erasers, especially used ones from GameStop. I use an old pink rectangular school eraser that I've worn grooves into to fit the raised bars across the NDS game cards' metal contacts. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. I did all of these steps but my DS still won't read any game card.

What other options do I have? You should bring it to someone who can repair it, or purchase a new or used DS. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 6. It reads it, but when I try to play, I get an error screen. It's not dirty, what should I do?. Try another system, using compressed air or rubbing alcohol on a q-tip. If that doesn't work, maybe try sending your system to Nintendo. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Is there a specific alcohol I should use to clean my Pokemon Pearl game?

You can buy any brand that you find at the drugstore. What should I do if it says it can't read saved files? Answer this question Flag as No, nothing is wrong with your Nintendo DS. If you DS is quite old several years old , the reader inside the DS that reads the chips gets worn out. I've experienced this a few times with chips that I've put into my DS and I turn it on and it says No game card in slot.

What I've done to remedy the problem is to turn off the DS, take the game chip out and just put it back in again. When I turn it back on, it usually works again. If that does not work for you, try it a couple of more times, and if it still doesn't work for you, send in your DS to Nintendo to get it fixed because your game chip reader is probably too worn out to work properly anymore. They will fix it for you and send it back. Just make sure that it is still under warranty if you do not want to pay money to get it fixed.

Another problem it could be is that the information stored on the game card is corrupt, or the information that needs to be read has been worn out from being played too much. If that is the case, send the game in to Nintendo and they should replace it for you free of charge under the warranty of the game defect in the merchendise.

Wow, my DS sometimes does the same thing. Ushaly its dust traped in the ds card reader. If you try blowing it out, then it will work. Well blow on it and keep ejecting the game, and this might work this happen 2 my r4 but i do wat i said to you and it works Hope this helped Mip. Please help me I tried everything. Related Questions Nintendo DS lite games on a chip?

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