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But the most important game is missing, without which you can not make the top 10 of all the games ever played, a game that made history, a game that created general hysteria, a crazy rule: It comes across a bit like a mash-up of Mini Metro and Flight Control. Frequent updates have added tons of new content and possibilities. We'll update and expand it from time to time and try to keep it fresh, too, by cycling out titles that have already had their moment in the sun. With endless variations on a simple game, Hearthstone jettisons the strife and ridiculous expense of collectible-card games and makes them fun again. The Knights of the Old Republic has a lengthy story with many ends depending on the choices made by you while playing.

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Play the best free Android games today! Download the top new game apps for your Android tablet or smartphone! See All Android Games. The Beauty Within Collector's Edition. The Dark Throne Collector's Edition.

The Thief and the Tinderbox Collector's Edition. Edge of Justice Collector's Edition. The Broken Tower Collector's Edition. Star Descendant Collector's Edition. The Thirteenth Collector's Edition. Lethal Predictions Collector's Edition. Myths of the World: Bound by the Stone Collector's Edition. A Dark Seed Collector's Edition. Queen of Hearts Collector's Edition. Crimson Hollow Collector's Edition.

Death Between the Lines Collector's Edition. Labyrinths of the World: Secrets of Easter Island Collector's Edition. Beasts of Bremen Collector's Edition. The Axiom Butcher Collector's Edition. Mortal Medicine Collector's Edition. Snowbird's Creek Collector's Edition. Big Fish Games App. Beneath the Surface Collector's Edition. The Eternal Emperor Collector's Edition.

Silent Waters Collector's Edition. Light Advent Collector's Edition. Cursed and Forgotten Collector's Edition. The Knights of the Old Republic has a lengthy story with many ends depending on the choices made by you while playing. The graphics are attractive, and you can ask questions if you are confused about the game. Knights of the Old Republic has achievements which make it appealing to play this game.

It is not easy to finish it in a short span time and takes time to collect proper character which helps you get out of the game successfully. Download and know more about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Brother in Arms is a game for the people who like to be brave soldiers in their real or gaming life. Moreover, you can play this game offline which means there are no irritating ad popups while you are playing the game. It has both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

To start the game, you have to choose between Free for All and Team Deathmatch modes. Unlock perks by playing each weapon class; experiment with new weapons and get amazed at the visual effects.

Download and know more about Brothers in Arms. It is like having an endless fun playing Duet, and the rules are quite simple. You have to synchronize two vessels fighting all odds and keep calm throughout the game. The game is good enough with the features given in the free version, and you can unlock new game modes in the premium version. The game is fun initially and gets more complicated as you step up the levels. Download and know more about Duet.

Jump into this beautiful journey of runners; you have to throw balls to clear obstacles in your way, and you lose balls if you get hit by anything. You have to move in coordination with the sound and music. It takes a lot of focus and right timing to run and ruin all the objects coming in your way. Download and know more about Smash Hit. You can play this puzzle game free and offline. It has unlimited gameplay with an infinite number of Sudoku games.

You just have to select your level of difficulty to start with the game. It has four levels starting from easy to very hard. Your game gets automatically saved so that you continue where you left off.

The game has been optimized for smartphones and tablets. It has a great and helpful interface which guides you through each step. Download and know more Sudoku. Thi is one of the most exciting and best offline games for android, where each level is a separate puzzle game.

It has a massive collection of logic games, quests, brain teasers, jigsaw, thinking games for kids and adults. You have to crack the password and unlock the door to get out of the room. Download and know more about Doors. The Room 3 is another excellent version by The Room developers. It has lovely graphics, challenging puzzles, and many useful features to help you solve the problem at hand. The game has different endings depending on the choices you make.

It does not contain any in-app purchases and supports cloud saving and Google achievements. Download and know more about The Room 3. They are among the best offline games for android. Each game in this list has various obstacles that you have to pass through to go to the next level. You get to fight with enemies with unique and deadly powers in Hitman Go.

Each level has different puzzle genre. Jump into the race with Road Drivers and drive the car of your dreams with legendary speed. Here you race through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones.

Be the champion on the leaderboards by driving the fastest car. The graphics used in the game are 3D that gives you a real-time racing experience. Download and know more about Road Drivers: You have to create resources and trade it with friends in other cities which is a business step to fulfill your financial needs to utilize money into the enhancement of the city. You have to take care of your citizens and keep them happy by providing them services like power plants and police departments.

Solve their real-life troubles like traffic jams, fires, pollution and much more. You get to compete with the players all over the world and earn rewards. Download and know more SimCity BuildIt. After multiple games of car racing, zombies, shooting, and solving puzzles, Prado Parking allows you to explore something different.

Here, you have to prove your parking skills and trust me; it is not easy. You have multiple luxury cars, and your task is to drive the cars and park it in the parking lot correctly. After playing this game, you will realize that driving a car is easy but parking them perfectly is no mean feat.

Badland has beautiful forests with various inhabitants, trees, and flowers. The ambiance is lovely with amazing graphics, but there is something wrong with the woods. You have to find what exactly is going on and avoid the traps and obstacles in your way. The game has a single player mode with unique levels and a multiplayer mode up to four players on the same device with 23 levels. It supports cloud saving, and you can play it offline without any ads. Jump into a beautiful adventure with Crashlands and be the best galactic trucker.

The game is affordable and can be played offline too. You get to unlock over crafted items as you move ahead in the game and get to know the secrets hidden around. You have to learn and understand the attack patterns of your enemies and accordingly apply your tricks to defeat them. Download and know more about Crashlands. Cats Go Offline is another fun Android game to be played offline. You can play this game exploring your nearby environment without leaving home.

You just have to move through a small environment either it is your home or any place to catch the cats and add to your collection. Download and know more about Cats GO: Minecraft is all about your creativity in how you explore random worlds and build innovative things starting from simple homes to grand castles.

You have infinite resources to mine deep into the world. Download and know more about Minecraft. Limbo is a fantastic and unique puzzle game where you have to utilize the resources of the environment to solve puzzles and move ahead to find your sister lost in the Limbo world. The graphics of this game are the best part.

The story of the game is about a cute little boy searching for his sister in a weird looking world. Download and know more about Limbo. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a real challenge with various missions. There are three difficulty modes; Classic, Iron, and Heroic. The game has been updated with three Halloween stages and nine new enemies. Kingdom Rush is a Tower Defence game with 18 tower abilities.

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