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Food, fun, friends and the right casino party supplies are the key ingredients. Champagne punch is another great option. For added joviality and nightclub effect, the room should be dimly illuminated and there should be string twinkling lights everywhere. If you're party is a little more low-key, you can set up a few tables for some of the more basic games like poker and blackjack. You can even add to the glamour of the casino with a VIP sign. They will often supply the dealers to not only deal the cards, but also explain how the games are played in case some guests are first-timers.

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Instead of using real money which might be a lot to ask of your guests , print up your own money with the guest of honor's face on the fake bills.

Get some prizes so your guests have something to play for—gift cards or a bottle of wine work well. Casino food can vary greatly. If you've been to Vegas lately, you know that the casinos are filled with upscale restaurants from world-famous chefs in a variety of cuisines. In this case, since your guests will be playing games, you probably don't want a sit-down meal. Set up a buffet with the guest of honor's favorite foods.

Guests can take a break from the games to grab a plate for themselves. New Born Baby Cards. Casino Birthday Party Themes. So are you turning a year older and want to celebrate it with enjoyment and merry making? So why not plan out the birthday celebration with great pomp and vigor! If the birthday boy or girl is an adult then the Casino Birthday party theme can surely be an ideal one.

So let your imagination go wild with the card party themes and make your birthday party a hit! What are you waiting for, organize your Casino Birthday Party and plan to give your living space a makeover, changing it into a highly charged hangout with a Casino Birthday Party Theme. Even before you decide to plan the birthday party, you need to invite your guests, family and friends. For that you need to send across your invitation and this invitation should very clearly express your theme of the party.

Then comes the decoration of the Casino Birthday Party Theme. Since the theme is such wacky, crazy and weird, you must think in terms of red, black and green color. If your guests are jealous of how you look, you can always ante up boas and felt hats for them. If you're hosting at a casino, then you're sitting on aces. However if you're not, the walls need a splash of casino! Direct your guests with these casino signs!

You can even add to the glamour of the casino with a VIP sign. Bouquets are perfect at the entrance, on tables, and for highlighting areas like the bar or dancefloor. We also enjoy these casino danglers because they are super fun!

Don't forget about the party playlist! Mix in some Vegas and gambling theme tunes for a great casino vibe:. Serve easy finger foods that will keep everyone circulating and playing the games. Our go-to casino birthday party menu:. For drinks, what is more casino than a martini bar? Guests will love creating their own drinks and you'll love not having to throw down cash for multiple kinds of booze.

Here is what you need:. Champagne punch is another great option. Have some non alcoholic pitcher drinks, soda and sparkling water available too.

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