6th Grade Games

Division with Fractions Video. Swimming Otters - Variable Expression. Website Focus We cover the following: Multiplying Fractions - Math Video. Number theory - rally car race game. Division - click map Game. Integer Warp - Math Game.

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Learning math is fun. These games provide fun practice which appeals to kids. Parents and teachers need to help kids play this game. Follow the links below to access games by levels. Addition Game - Moon shoot game. Graph - Finding points in x,y axis click map game.

Number theory - rally car race game. Pythagorean theorem catapult game. Shopping list - rally game. Standard form - catapult game. Addition Game - En Garde Game. Calculate the area of circles - Click map game. Calculate the circumference of circles - Click map game.

Division - click map Game. Addition of 3 digit numbers - memory Game. Algebra Game - memory Game. Algebra Game - Walk the Plank Game. Percentages to Decimals - Memory Game.

Greatest Common Factor - Memory Game. Metric System - memory game. Subtractions - Memory Game. Money and Price List - Basketball Game. Spelling Numbers - memory Game.

Time Units - memory Game. Roman Numerals Game - Football Game. Multiplication Game- walk the plank game. Try this fun Math Magician Integers Game. For each correct answer, you will enter a bonus round where you can earn points by smashing monsters. The math problems are about finding the greatest common factors and the least common multiples. Prime Factorization Spinner Game In this interactive multi-player game, 6th grade students will practice finding the prime factorization of different composite numbers.

Place Value This is an interactive millionaire game about place value in whole numbers and decimals. You can play it alone, with a partner, or in two teams.

Making 24 - The Game of Numbers New In this activity, 6th grade students will have to use four whole numbers and different operations to get number 24 as the final answer. Simplifying Fractions In this soccer math game kids will have fun reducing fractions to the simplest form. Reducing Fractions Do you love baseball? Then play this fun game and practice hitting homeruns and simplifying fractions to earn tons of points.

Adding Fractions This is an interactive football math game. To answer math questions about fractions, kids have to first pass the ball to the receiver. For each correct answer students earn 7 points, but each mistake costs them 3 points. Adding and Subtracting Fractions Interesting online board game about adding and subtracting fractions with common and different denominators.

Multiplying Fractions Game This is a fun soccer math game about multiplying fractions. Dividing Fractions Play this exciting soccer game about dividing fractions.


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